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Ronke Odusanya speaks on undergoing cosmetic surgery

Ronke Odusanya cosmetic surgery

In an interview with Legit.Ng, Nollywood actress Ronke Odusanya aka Flakky Ididowo confessed that she does not see anything bad in cosmetic surgery. She revealed she would like to have one if she could afford it.

When asked whether the new mum would be open to going under the knife to alter her physical features. She replied saying “I cannot say it is a bad thing. If I feel like, why can’t I? People do it, so why can’t I do it if I can afford it?”

The 46 year old added that she is a realist and would not like to lie. She explained that even though God has made everyone beautiful, we begin to change physically as a result of our lifestyle.

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Source : Legit.NG

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