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“If a guy doesn’t send you 500k during talking stage, he’s cheap” – Saidaboj

Influencer Saidaboj has continued to trend with her controversial statement during the Honest Bunch podcast.

This time around, a clip of her has emerged where she expressed that any guy who can not spend up to 500k on her at once is cheap.

In the same clip, she revealed that she could possibly leave her boyfriend if he does not have enough money to spend on her and go for another guy who has money to spend on her.

Her hosts, Nedu Wazobia, and the other members present in the room were seen wearing puzzled expressions as she continued to defend her statement.

Now recall that two days ago, Kemi Filani had reported that the influencer had shared her experience with dating a married man.

She expressed that she had dated a married man in 2023 and she regretted it because she ended up not having any money because he did not give her any funds.
She also revealed that going forward, she was always going to date with a money mindset.

Just a few hours back, Kemi Filani had also reported that the influencer in a controversial clip had revealed that any man who can spend up to 20 million naira on her can go through her legs.

This was in response to the interviewer asking her if she was willing to open her legs for a man who was willing to spend that amount of funds on her. She happily replied in the affirmative.

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