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“I was scared of ruining people’s childhood memories”-Stan Nze opens on playing ‘Ahanna’

Stan Nze

Rising actor, Stan Nze has opened up on how scared he was when he clinched the lead role for the remake of Rattlesnake called The Ahanna Story also known as The Armadas.

The wave making role interpreter said he was scared of ruining people’s childhood memories.

Nze made this known in an interview with Ebuka Uchendu on ‘Rubbin Minds’

” I didn’t want to ruin people’s childhood memories that was my fear. As soon as I got the role, it was during the lockdown, I got the role and I became jittery. How do I keep this standard and even more? And then I started rehearsing and Ramsey Nouah helped me do it more. Preparation helps too.I decided to be true to the character”

The baritone voice range actor also said he decides to be happy no matter what life throws at him.

“You have to decide to be happy.You cannot decide what life gives you but youi can determine how you react to what life offers you. We all come into the industry and say in three years’ time, in two years’ time may be ‘na this job I go do wey go blow me’. Every job is important, every project is important”.

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