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“I was invited for a boat cruise and since then I haven’t been myself” – Social media influencer Nickie dabarbie cries out

Kemi Filani earlier reported that an influencer who goes by the name Nickie dabarbie had called out singer Skiibii for attempting to use her for money rituals.

Nicki dabarbie shares the story of her ordeal with Skiibii.

The rabbit hole just got deeper, as she went on to expose more details on the case. In her Instagram story, Nickie dabarbie wrote;

“They’ll try hard to clear their names I might die
I might not have much evidence.They will do everything to tarnish my name to save Skiibii
But atleast you guys should believe me I was invited for a boat cruise and since then I haven’t gotten myself.. I went there with no bad intentions.

I was alone at home and was less busy and decided to go. I felt it was safe cause he’s a public figure and we spoke for a while before I even accepted the boat cruise. It was never about money I’m not a prostitut3 This nigga made me like him before he did what he did”

Nickie dabarbie shares a screenshot of her conversation with Skiibii.

In another post, Nickie dabarbie shared a screenshot of her conversation with Skiibii from Snapchat, and at the end of the chat, you can see that he was trying to check up on her, while she told him off.

The summary of Nickie dabarbie’s post is that she was invited to a boat cruise by Skiibii, and after that, she was not herself anymore.

She went on to say that Skiibii made her like him before trying to use her for rituals. Nicki dabarbie also said Skiibii and ‘the rest ‘ would try to tarnish her image in order to save themselves.

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