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‘I want to get married again, I love love’ – Toke Makinwa says



toke makinwa

Toke Makinwa who is formerly married to Maje Ayida, a professional fitness coach and mental health advocate has indicated that she’s ready to give marriage another shot.

In an interview with Allure Vanguard, Makinwa said, “I’m open to getting married again, I love love, I love being in healthy relationship, and I do not think we were designed to be by ourselves. I know it’ll happen and I can’t wait to meet the lucky chap.”

Asked her her greatest strength and weakness, she said, “I can be very headstrong, it is my biggest strength, I don’t accept defeat, and I’m pretty determined. Unfortunately, it is also my weakness, I can be very unforgiving, and very hard-headed too.”

Toke Makinwa also talked about the greatest misconception about her that she’d like to set straight, ” People think they know me, they see TM and think that’s who Toke is, they are wrong,” she stated.

She also revealed who and what inspire her most in life and why, hear her: “My Mother inspires me so much. When people hear me talk of my parents, they are a bit confused because my birth parents died when I was 8 years old. But, I had parents who raised my siblings and I just like theirs. They did everything they could and that selfless act, leaves me humble all the time. I never lacked anything. My mother is so strong, life hasn’t always been kind to her, she’s lost so much but how she’s managed to create a beautiful life, leaves me inspired.”

Toke Makinwa has always encouraged women to be financially independent and keep breaking glass ceilings that they don’t need any man to validate them, does that make her a feminist? “Definitely!,she said, adding, “I am a feminist! I believe in equality. We’ve come so far and the movement has made a gigantic impact but we constantly are labeled as “men bashers” and “men haters” when the movement is so much more. Who is society? You and I, and we cannot continue to blame society for the injustice against women. We must effectively empower women not to be better than men, not to take the man’s place, but to also, feel included in jobs, home fronts, and social issues too. I think that each gender was made specifically for a reason. Men are men and women are women. Women are not trying to be men, women are just trying to have the same level of equality in terms of the same opportunities at work places, the same opportunities to earn just as much as the men do because so long in the past, women have been relegated to being only home makers. We are only asking for a little bit of inclusiveness in certain areas. I don’t think there is any woman that wakes up in the morning and wants to be a man. We like being soft, feminine and our power is the fact that we are women. So, any man who is threatened by a woman, it’s more of him than of the woman so I don’t think there is anything women can do, to make men more comfortable. Men shouldn’t feel threatened, we are made differently for a reason and we just want to be included in most amplified conversations that involve moving forward and growth.

Women definitely have a huge part to play in sustaining society the way it is today . Just give us our kudos and let’s work together.”