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‘I met the wrong person at the right time’ – Monalisa Chinda Coker shades ex-hubby

Fairest of all Nigerian actresses, Monalisa Chinda-Coker has revealed the major reasons she is off the screen for a while, as well as issues with her past marriage.

According to what the screen diva said in a new interview, she is taking her time to delve into other parts of the entertainment industry.

Hear her: “I’m not there on the screens as I used to be. I am getting older and need to give room for the younger generation to take over.
There are certain roles I can do anymore. I am older now. For example, I can’t be seen playing some significant roles made for the younger generation, like a young university student but I can do step-mum, house maid, boss lady.

For romantic roles, why not. I am an actor, a versatile one at that. If the romantic role would be fantastically done, well scripted and a good director, then sure, I would give it a shot.

But I’ll never go nude for any reason..
Let’s tell ourselves the truth, nudity doesn’t work here, we are Africans, our cultures are different.
However, for now, I am more about producing my own movies and my show of course. That’s another reason I slowed down a bit. But this year 2020, you would see me gracing more of your TV Screens,” she said.

Monalisa Chinda Coker shades ex-hubby

Few years ago, Monalisa’s first marriage to Question Mark label boss, Dejo Richards which produced a child crashed on the grounds of domestic violence, however, she says she doesn’t regret that part of her life.
“It only made me wiser. I didn’t kill anybody, I didn’t steal. I only thought I was making the right decision, but at the end if the day it was a mistake, but I moved on. I didn’t stuck in there sulking. I moved on, worked on myself and love found me again. Then, I was naive and young. I met the wrong person at the right time,” she stated.

Monalisa is now happily married to Tonye Coker and they are waiting on the Lord to have more kids.

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