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I made James Brown and helped him financially”, Bobrisky brags

James Brown Bobrisky

Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye better known as Bobrisky isn’t done soiling the image of his junior colleague, James Brown.

Bobrisky who definitely wants to reign supreme as the Queen of crossdressing is feeling overthrown and threatened by the boy he brought up and tushed.

The two have been at loggerheads since James Brown arrived in the UK and gained admission into one of the UK’s prestigious universities.

James Brown become a thorn of flesh for Bobrisky as he continues to soar higher and be the choice of many.

Escalating their beef, Bobrisky bragged about tutoring James.

In an Instagram live session with Daddy Freeze, Bobrisky bragged about making James Brown who he is.

He reminded the world that he stood solidly behind him when he came out as a crossdresser and was condemned by many.

He recounted how he helped him up when people called him unprintable names and how he assisted him financially.

Bobrisky claimed that everyone who comes close to him always come for fame, money or to use him.

He stated that the moment he speaks up against them, he is been called unprintable names.

“This James Brown that is shouting, I made James Brown, I will say it anywhere, and u made him who he is today. I posted James Brown on my page, when all these people were condemning him, calling him names, that was when he just came out, I was the person that asked him to come to my house, I gave him money. So it’s fine if he is who he is today”.

“People who come to me, come for the same thing. They want money, game and want to use me and the moment you are aware that you don’t want to be used, fight will start and then I will be called names.

The moment you want to use me and still want to act as Chairman/Chair lady, there would be a problem”.


Meanwhile, Bobrisky is not resting on his oars in ensuring he remains in the spotlight despite the competition with his mentee, James Brown.

Following the latest achievement of James Brown, Bobrisky has revealed plans to dethrone him with a new person he wants to make famous.

In a new post shared on his Instagram page, Bobrisky sends a warning to his new mentee asking her to promise that she would not compete with him in future.

Bobrisky also warned the lady not to allow anyone to push her to compete with him, just like the case of James Brown, whom he made famous after his encounter at the Lagos Police station.

According to Bobrisky, the lady who seemed to be a die-hard fan has proven herself that she is loyal, but that is not enough for him to say she would not betray him in future.

He wrote: @sassy_vtwins_ Promise me when i make you so famous you won’t compete with me in d future or allow anyone push you to compete with me. You have proven to me many times you are loyal but still not enough thou , Are you sha ready to be famous let do magic.

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