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“I made it and I no use any of my exes panties” Zlatan Ibile

Nigerian singer Zlatan Ibile has found himself in the spotlight once again, this time due to a tweet he posted on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter. In this tweet, Zlatan proudly proclaimed that he achieved success in his life without resorting to “Yahoo,” or using any voodoo methods, such as the practice of using an ex’s panties, which some believe can bring them wealth.

Zlatan hinted at the fact that he attained his success through legit means, without the need for any diabolical act.

Zlatan’s journey from an aspiring artist to a major player in the music industry lends credibility to his statement about the path he chose to achieve success.

However, Zlatan has not been without his share of controversies. Approximately a month ago, he found himself at the center of a social media storm when controversial journalist Kemi Olunloye accused him of trying to have it both ways with his associations.

She suggested that Zlatan was attempting to maintain friendships with both Mubad and Naira Marley, even though they had their own public disputes. The online exchange between Mubad and Naira Marley had caused a stir before Mubad’s tragic passing, leading to speculation about their relationship. Kemi Olunloye’s comments raised questions about where Zlatan’s true loyalties lay.

In addition to this, Zlatan has shown that he is not one to take accusations lightly. Three months ago, he found himself embroiled in a an online feud when he strongly responded to a Nigerian man who had labeled him an ex-convict. Zlatan stood up for his reputation and defended himself against the accusation.

On a more personal note, earlier this year, Zlatan celebrated his 28th birthday, and the celebration took an emotional turn as he was taken by surprise, bringing him to tears. This touching moment offered a glimpse into the man behind the music and fame.

Zlatan is a father to a three-year-old son and has a baby mama, which adds layers to his personal life beyond his music career.

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