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‘I love you with my life’ – Actress Scarlet Gomez goes romantic to mark 5th wedding anniversary

Scarlet Gomez wedding

Gbemisola Scarlet Shotade Gomez is a Nigerian Actress and Singer is obviously enjoying the best of her marriage to Mr. Gomez.

The TV star who in December 2012, won the Miss United Nations Tourism pageant in Kingston via her Instagram page celebrated her husband as they mark their 5th wedding anniversary.

Scarlet Gomez via her caption revealed she has the best husband who supports her dreams and love her unconditionally.

She wrote, “Happy 5 years anniversary my world. Five years with you in marriage and 10 years together has been incredible, it’s been the best 5 years of my life , I grew up dreaming of the love in fairytales and you gave me BETTER! I have never regretted not even for a day getting married to you. You make it way too easy to love you. They say there’s no such thing as a perfect human, @temigomez you are PERFECT! “

“You let me be me, you support my every dream (even the not so sensible one’s 🥹😂) what more can a woman want!!? Thank you for treating me like a QUEEN, thank you for the LOVE, RESPECT, thank you making me see my worth, thank you for allowing me be me and allowing me make my mistakes with absolutely no judgment!!! I LOVE YOU WITH MY LIFE
And I can’t wait to do forever with you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Happy anniversary lover ! FOREVER TO GO.”

In an earlier interview with Punch, Scarlet Gomez revealed what has helped her keep her marriage over the years as a celebrity

She said: “As a celebrity, I quickly learned that I needed a big and clear demarcation between my private/family life and my social life/career. Also, I know which is more important to me, so it’s easy for me to prioritise. Anything that affects or endangers my marriage is not worth it. Also, communication helps a lot. As a celebrity, a lot of people think you’re public property and public access, which I never want to be. This I don’t allow people to do to me.”

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