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‘I hope Atiku will support my 2023 presidential campaign the way I supported him in 2019’ Actor Yul Edochie

I hope Atiku will support my 2023 presidential campaign the way I supported him in 2019' Actor Yul Edochie

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has revealed how he supported the presidential campaign of former Nigerian vice president Atiku Abubakar in 2019 as he hopes to get the same support.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Yul Edochie said he proudly supported Atiku for the president’s office, not because of the money or paid to do it.

Yul Edochie opined that he resigned from his Government appointment to give Atiku his full support without any hindrance and because he wanted a positive turnaround for the country.

However, Atiku lost to the All Progressive Congressive party Muhammadu Buhari. However, it is the turn of the South-East to produce the next president, and he hopes Atiku would support him as he did in 2019.

In 2019 I supported Atiku @aatiku for President.
I did it with my full chest, proudly.
I did not do it for money.
I was not paid to do it.
May God punish me if I lie.

I even resigned from my Government appointment then so I could give Atiku my full support without any hindrance.
I did it because I want a positive turn around in our country.
I ATIKULATED social media.
I ATIKULATED the whole of Anambra State.
I ATIKULATED all Nigerian youths who believed in me to stand with Atiku.

Unfortunately it turned out the way it did.
This time around it’s the turn of the South East to produce the next President.
And I have declared my interest to run for President of Nigeria, 2023.
I hope Atiku will support me the way I supported him.
God bless our great country Nigeria.

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