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“I have no place to lay my head”, Veteran actor, Chief Kanran sheds hot tears as he resorts to begging (Video)



Chief Kanran

Veteran Yoruba  actor, Olusegun Akinremi, popularly known as “Chief Kanran” has resorted to begging in order to keep body and soul together.

The popular script interpreter is seeking for financial assistance from Nigerians to help him secure accommodation after he lost his home to a fire incident in 2017.

The actor revealed this in an interview with a popular Yoruba radio talk show host, Kola Olootu.

Amidst hot tears rolling down his cheeks, Chief Kanran noted that he was almost begging on the streets for food but for his status as a star.

According to him, he is not begging for the money to feed but for some money to start his work again as an artiste again.

Read what he said below…

“Seven years ago, things got bad for me. I was not ill and whatever will make me ill and people will start contributing for me, I thank God that it did not happen to me. However, what is currently happening to me is more than being ill. In 2017, my home got burnt from top to down and my wife and children deserted me.”

“My studio, where all my equipment are, also got burnt. Since the incident happened over a year ago, I have been sleeping in my church as I don’t have money to rent an apartment. Feeding has also been difficult for me. All my four cars are no longer with me. I sold one to feed, one got burnt, another one got knocked,” he said.

Watch the clip below…