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I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve you – Bimbo Ademoye pens touching birthday message to Jemima Osunde

Beautiful Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye is celebrating the birthday of her colleague and friend, Jemima Osunde with touching message.

Bimbo and Jemima are obviously best of friends in Nollywood, and the later marked her birthday on Saturday, April 30 with beautiful photos.

However, for Bimbo, Jemima is a very special fellow who would at even odd hours come through for her friends regardless of the circumstances. 

Expressing how she feels about their friendship on her birthday, Bimbo Ademoye took to her Instagram page, shared lovely photos of Jemima Osunde and captioned it: “I’ve had the longest day ever, not had the brain to write my usual epistles and of course,  world people already have something to say. Whew, where do I start? I legit was going to go to bed and make this post in the morning because to me , everyday should be your birthday,  you should be celebrated all year round. But exactly 20 minutes ago, at almost midnight,  on your own day, I put a distress call to you,  and AS USUAL , you came through,  you even said you won’t sleep if I’m not ok , ON YOUR ON DAY! I’m actually in tears right now jem , you are more than a sister,  more than a friend.”

She added, ” I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve you,  but I’m so grateful to call you friend , thank you , thank you thank you.  I have no idea why I’m emotional,  but jeez, jem , you are everything and more.  Happy birthday,  my jem , my gem , my germ,  papa’s antu demdem.  I love you sooo much . @jemimaosunde.Slide 2: is just the kind of random picture this crazy human sends to me for no bloody reason . I’d just show you guys this one and enjoy the rest all by myself 😂🤣😅. Pls help me wish my gem a happy birthday.’

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