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“I have never loved anyone the way I love Wizkid”, Jada P baby mama declares

Wizkid and Jada

Wizkid’s relationship with his manager Jada P and third baby, is one most people didn’t see coming.

Jada P was recently questioned about her love for Wizkid by a fan. In her reaction Jada said the love she has for Wizkid is magical. She added that she has never loved anyone the way she loves Wizkid.

The fan @Phillippop565 asked:”Do you love Big Wiz”?

In her reply, Jada wrote:”With all my heart.I have never loved anyone like this in my lifetime.Our love is magical”.

As expected her statement has sparked various reactions from Nigerians on social media.

@Onyiyechi_nf:Hope the love is mutual

@Tosanwunmi:Because most of you ladies like where there’s competition… that’s only when you claim you love someone

@Eloka_eloka:When you have 💰 women will love you genuinely 😢😢 Sapa leave me alone lemme find the LOML

@Rollz:Which one is our love.Speak for yourself.

Jada on Friday said she finds it degrading when blogs refer to her as Wizkid’s third baby mama.

She wrote “I think about this. It’s so degrading and discriminating when I’m referred to as Wizkid’s third baby mother before addressing me professionally by my name.

“The credit of my journey/experience is so underrated.The sad thing is, it’s our own blogs that don’t heighten and uplift each other.”

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