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‘I have done only B00bs implant, 6 pack surgery and 360 liposuction, but not for beauty – Toyin Lawani spills

Toyin Lawani

Popular Fashion Designer and Stylist, Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire fame has opened up on the numbers of surgeries she had done.

Her explaination came after a fan called her out for claiming she has never done liposuction before.

According to the fan, Toyin Lawani had done beauty surgeries more than twice and also did another immediately after the birth of her third child.

While defending herself, Lawani claimed she had only done few surgeries with good reasons.

She wrote, ” Do u knw why I love Responding to such false accusations, Cause you can’t tell me what I have done or not done , or maybe I should just accept&lie on myself. Now let me Educate yall abit. Which I do from time to time whn I read such nonsense , see it’s kids of nowadays that are getting tripped about surgery. My ist surgery was 16years ago. I found out I had lumps in Breast which spread to my rib cage,which gv me severe pains . I operate it in dubai then at emirates hospital by dr Ali Saab ,my left breast was disfigured after & I opted for implants, some of us don’t do this things for the beauty ,my boobs was ok before it , now years after before I had my son, I had a 360 lipo on my stomach ,which was done in Beverly Hills , see when u do 360lipo from an experienced doc it will definitely bring out your curves more ,Now after I had my son ,my body snapped back asap cause I workout&use a lot of herbs ,I put in a lot of work ,now docs will advice u to replace ur breast implants every 10 years if u hv a lump situation like mine ,which was the surgery I did after I had my son , implant replacement& also my 6packs surgery ,yes there’s 6packs surgery &it’s done for people who don’t have any fat to take out on their tummy again, just to define , he suggested a tummy tuck to make it more flatter, I said hell no , I’ve hear people die from it , it was done in turkey ,
I loved the results so much ,fast forward to when I had last my child ,the ist time I would actually get cut 3ce was from fibroid surgeries, the ist Caesarian was frm having her , which they had to reopen the same scar again , how can u do a cosmetic surgery whn u just had major cs , I showed people my stomach 5days after I had her with the cut ,whn they didn’t belive I had cs ,yet they still claimed I had a cosmetic surgery 5days having a baby, edeberu olorun hanhan 🤣🤣🤣
See if U care 4ur body after surgery it will always bounce back & if u also eat too much , u will lose the whole work u did , I’m not one to hide what hv done or want to do.”

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