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“I feel like this is a trap” – Veekee James bemoans the struggles of being a firstborn child as her younger brother gets her a gift

Veekee James is currently in a dilemma, and it concerns a gift given to her by her younger brother.

The celebrity fashion designer took to Instagram to call for help from fans, as she explained that her younger brother paid for a spa session for her.

Veekee James said that although it was a sweet gesture, it probably came with terms and conditions, which she referred to as ‘billing’.

She explained that she’s the first child, and her younger brother is the last born, and usually, gifts like this come at a price.

In the video, you can see Veekee James sitting inside her parked car, and she said she arrived at the spa but she’s too scared to go inside.

Her story seemed very relatable, as netizens took to the comment section to share their own stories and sympathize with her.

papeeyah wrote, “I am last born but I stayed to the end and I will still advise you cos we no de hear word, ENTER! This life is turn by turn… it your turn. (for now)”

hildabaci wrote, “My sister enjoy cos whatever he needs you’ll still do it”

iambisola wrote, “Return ooo”

seleye_fubara wrote, “Abort mission, I repeat abort mission. Location has been compromised, purpose of kind gesture is unclear and suspicious.”

therealjayjay_ wrote, “My sister turn back fast fast. You are staying too long there”

iamclevy_ wrote, “Trap recognized OVER!!! Abort Mission… Captain do you COPY?”

joy.idris.a wrote, “Sis.…eneter oh.…weather you enter or not, billing go still show. Why not enjoy the massage with the billing”

foodstuffnigeria wrote, “Candid advice, if you like enter, if you like don’t. Nothing will stop the billing”

vickajibove wrote, “Funny thing is, you can enter there and they’ll tell you it’s only reservation they made that you’ll pay”

adufegele wrote, “Maami pls turn back ASAP. We last born don’t do anything for free o.”

athomewithdidi9 wrote, “Abort mission now, I repeat, abort mission. This is coming from a fellow first daughter”

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