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“I feel like I’m in a jungle” Reality tv star Vee Iye laments over the Nigerian economy

In a recent development, Reality TV star Vee Iyee has taken to the X-Platform to express how difficult it was to explain Nigeria as a country to other non-Nigerians.

She further stated that most times she feels like she is in a jungle and other times she feels like she is in a comedy show.

In her words, she had this to say,

“How do you even begin to explain Nigeria as a country to a non-Nigerian? Sometimes I feel like I’m in a jungle, other times I feel like I’m in a comedy show.”

Now also recall that back in January of 2024, Vee Iye had spoken out about Nigeria’s economy. The Reality TV star had cried out over the fact that 10 pounds was now currently the equivalence of 17,200 Naira. She also remarked on how wonderful it was, sarcastically.

She went on to state that Nigeria was really giving it to its citizens hard without any rubber, alluding to the fact that Nigeria was difficult and was a really hardcore journey for its citizens.

Now also recall that in February of 2024, Vee Iye had expressed why she always stays home. She lamented over the rising cost of things, expressing that maintaining a certain type of lifestyle was now costly, hence why she was always at home.

In March of 2024, the reality star had remarked on a new resolution which she would stick to. She expressed that she was going to quit alcohol because she acted in a way that was unlike her. She disclosed that she got very friendly when she had alcohol, which was the opposite of her real life character.

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