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‘I fear no enemy but worry over fake friends’ Actor Chidi Mokeme spills

chidi mokeme

Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme has revealed why he is not scared of his enemies but worry over those that call themselves friends while backstabbing him.

Sharing a post, he said he has no fear for his enemy because he has always been ready to contend with them.

However, those who call themselves friends but attack him are those he fears and cause the feeling of restlessness in him.

According to Chidi, he is always vigilant as he keeps looking above his shoulders, sleeping with his eyes wide open and keeping his finger on the trigger for the true frenemies.

Above all, he looks up to God to help him conquer friends like enemies.

He wrote:

I have no fear for my enemies cos
I can very well handle my adversaries.

It’s the ones that call themselves “friends” that I worry about,
They keep me alert
They keep me on my toes
They keep me looking over my shoulders
They make me sleep with eyes wide open.
And for them “friends”, my help cometh from above,
So, I look up to Jehovah,
But I still keep my finger on the trigger.

Stay Woke.
Shine your eyes…
I take no prisoners…

Actor Chidi Mokeme
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