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I dreamt someone asked me to send my account number, it happened in reality – Uche Elendu reveals what she did to make it happen

Uche Elendu celebrates her birthday

Actress Uche Elendu who is one of Nollywood’s shining stars has shared a quite interesting experience she had recently.

The mother of two revealed how she had a dream where a friend asked for her account details and before she could do as requested, her daughter woke her up.

However, her dream was later fulfilled as the same person blessed her with some funds transfer.

She wrote: “That’s how I dreamt that someone asked me to send account number, I was about to send it when my daughter woke me up😭😭😭😭 hmmm that’s how I just picked up my phone and sent the account details in real life. Faith. Long story short the person said haa uche I was going to send you something next week for your birthday as a surprise, I thought of it last night but I didn’t write you, this one you sent me akant details??🐒🙊😀😀😀😀😀 I say God showed me in the dream .. I obeyed God, will you obey him?  Haaa this one shock me shaa… shey I won’t be Joseph of our time laikdis???.”

Recall that the divorced actress in a previous post had expressed her concerns over the rate at which people condemn liposuction (also known as Plastic Surgery) but engage in other beauty enhancement activities.

Via her instastory, she revealed that she sees no difference between those that fix lashes, nails and ladies who go extra miles to look better by going through surgery.

The Abia State born indigene wrote, “There’s absolutely no difference between a lady that fixes her nails, lashes, makeup, etc and a lady that got a nose job, body works done without implants, they are all body fixes and have potential risks and of course benefits. Hey!!! just make more money and gather liver and stop hating on someone’s choice to use her money to remain comfortable in her body.”

She added, “Every woman is guilty of FIXING! Don’t judge what people do with their body or their money. Focus on your life… I cant wait to get a lip job done , if I hear peem… I’ll blow you a big kiss. My body, my money, my page, my opinion.” 

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