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‘I don’t wish this suffering on my enemies’ – Cobams Asuquo’s wife, Ojuola opens up on her struggles

Ojuola Asuquo, the wife of popular Nigerian blind music star, Cobhams Asuquo has  opened up on her struggles since she went back to further her education.

The proud of two revealed that she would not wish what’s she’s going through to befall her enemies.

 “Hi friends, new and old. I have really missed the love and support around here! Thank you for all the warm graduation wishes. 

I am gradually recovering from the school journey. I don’t wish the suffering on my enemies. Jk  Wait, am I?

Would I do it again? Hands down! 

🙌🏾 Just this morning I was thinking about the financial and career shifts that have taken place. Then the spiritual and personal identity shifts, which began before my MBA, but which my school experience helped to incubate. 

I’ve shared about some of those shifts here, and about growing your career globally, earning more money. 

More to come!! We are slowly getting back to form 😉💃🏿

Here’s a photo with me and my men during the celebrations, ” she captioned the family photo shared on her Instagram page.

Ojuola had earlier through a youtube interview shed light on how her son’s blindness made her closer to God.

She narrated how she discovered her son was blind after four months. According to her, she went to the hospital for check-ups and was told her son “is not following”. This made her scared and confused as her doctor outside the country told her something different.

It also led to a series of tests both in and outside the country where it was confirmed that he, (her son) can not see. She admits that she found the situation quite unbelievable because “it feels like you are not getting answers”. This is especially as the doctors could not place what exactly is wrong since the physiology of her son is perfect.

At the point where she was not getting any answers, she totally lost it. She was in fear and started questioning if she did not pray enough or was negligent.

Admittedly, the experience made her question her spiritual strength.

Despite it all, there is hope. She believes she is now going through a journey and she is making progress which is why she could share this story in the open.

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