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“I don’t have time for heartbreak right now” – Vee Iye

Former BBN star and media personality Vee Iye has recently taken to X-Platform to reveal a specific thing that she was not prepared for at the moment.

The media personality, known for her sharp comebacks on Twitter, revealed that she did not have time at the moment for heartbreak.

She went on to reinforce that she was not in the mood for that at all. In her words, she had this to say,

“One thing I don’t have time for right now is heartbreak. I’m not in the mood for that AT ALL. No bueno abeg.”

A lot of us also recall that Kemi Filani had reported in April of 2024 that Vee Iye had exoressed boldly that she would never dumb down her personality for anyone.

She stated that she would make herself small to accommodate someone else’s. She also expressed that people know exactly what they are doing and should therefore always be treated as such.

Now a few weeks ago, Vee Iye had thrown a heavy shade at her ex Neo as well as the Veneer community in Lagos. She stated that for the way the Veneer community was growing in Lagos, the city might not need constant light at all because, everybody’s teeth were shining so brightly.

Also, in April of 2024, Vee had addressed people who still call her a witch. She responded to a certain X-Platform user who revealed that people were yet to let go of the bitter narrative they had of her. Vee responded by stating that she was completely okay with it and that she had made peace with it.

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