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“I did not date my wife, we just got married” – Akpororo

Comedian Akpororo has described himself as an exception to the rule that two people must date or enter into a courtship before getting married.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper’s Saturday Beats, Akpororo said when he met his wife, he knew he wanted to marry her and he went ahead to do that rather than beating about the bush with a relationship.

The convener of the annual Akpororo vs Akpororo comedy concert said, “I did not date my wife. We are in the same industry and she was with Explicit Dance Group. We had met on some occasions and greeted each other. We never had any period to date; I would say we started dating after we got married. Although I am a comedian, when I approached her, she took my words seriously because whenever I am serious you would easily know.

“I was already popular as of the time I got married to my wife. Some people say that once you get married, your tempo or output in the industry would drop but I do not believe that because whatever you believe would happen to your career is what would happen to it. I changed the belief that you need to date someone for a long period before you get married”

On why it seems like comedians in the industry usually look out for extraordinarily beautiful women to marry, Akpororo said it is only a coincidence. He said the nature of their profession allows them to meet pretty women everyday so it is only natural to end up with one.

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