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“I chose the path of honor to serve my people” – Oluwo of Iwo brags

Oluwo of Iwo

Oba Abdulrasheed Akanbi, the Oluwo of Iwoland in Osun State, stated he had chosen the road of honor to serve his people over amusement.

On Saturday, October 9, the monarch declared on his official social media website that if he had chosen merriment, he would have been flying on private jets purchased at the expense of his subjects.

“As a king, if I were to chose merriment, by now , I would be riding in private jets at the likely expense of my aspiring subjects by selling their properties mostly the land. I chose the path of honour to serve them so I can be served tomorrow. The most important is, as the symbol of my subjects, I submit them to God not idols. That is the simple way I earn their trust and respect, always. OLUWO OF IWOLAND” he wrote.

Kemi Filani News recalls that the Oluwo earlier admonished Buhari to forgive Sunday Igboho.

Oluwo revealed that elders and traditional rulers in Yoruba land warned Igboho when he embarked on agitation for self-determination.

The monarch, in a letter to Buhari, said: “Nigerians most especially ardent readers and witnesses of history will not forget in haste many suspicious circumstances that consumed many nationalists.

“One of the leading and still fresh was the Egba born aristocrat, Moshood Kasimawo Olawale Abiola who died on July 7th, 1998. Kensaro Wiwa equally had his taste. Almost all regions of the Nigerian State have had their taste of such occurrence.

“The prologue and epilogue were historically preserved to be a lesson. But when a child is a slow learner, the parents will have to guide, guard and educate severally before a stable momentum.

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