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“I can’t marry a man that can’t afford a cook” Doyin Davids reveals

In a recent development, former reality TV star Doyin David has, in her podcast Doyin’s Conner, shared her insight on having a cook.

She stated, while in a conversation with Daniel Regha, how important it was to have a cook in her house due to the fact that she could not cook. Cementing her statement, she boldly expressed that she cannot marry a man that cannot afford a cook.

However, Daniel, on his own part, revealed how unpredictable life was and that cooking should be a life skill that everybody should have. But Doyin remained defiant in her decision to hire a cook when she gets married.

Also recall that in March of 2024, during her she told ladies to avoid poor men. She went on to state that nobody suffers more than an understanding girlfriend in a relationship.

She advised girls to go for men who were already made because there is more confidence that he will stick with them through it all.

Also, back in January of 2024, Doyin had shared her perspective on dating, explicitly stating that she cannot date somebody on the mainland.

She revealed that she was not about the broke life, but the fact that people who stay on the mainland might be broke.

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