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I cannot imagine raising 6 children – Bimbo Akintola opens up on motherhood

Bimbo Akintola one of Nigeria’s most sought after veteran actress is passionate about her career. 

However, there are certain things she can’t imagine herself do, an example is having to raise 6 kids like her mother.

In a recent interview with Flair Magazine, she opens up on who she considers as the greatest influence in your life and career.

She says, “In all honesty, it will be my mother because while growing up, I saw my mum as a super woman. My mum did it all and she did it with such ease and class.
Raising six children could not have been easier. I cannot imagine raising 6 children. I will not do it. In all honesty, I can’t. But my mom made it look easy. She had time for each and everyone of us. I don’t know how she managed it, considering that she was a child when she got married. Career wise, my mum was always a great support.
Joke Silva was another support and another influence in my life. And there is also Aunty Shola Shobowale, she was the first person to put me on the stage without the act.
She had a fashion house then and I was one of her models. I can never forget, then I was so uncomfortable, it was out of my comfort zone. But she trained all of us,so we were all feeling like we can do anything. That was such an amazing experience. Thank you auntie Shola Shobowale, I love you so much and auntie Joke Silva.”

Also revealing other things that occupy her time, Bimbo Akintola says, “I am very much a home buddy, I am sure a lot of people don’t know that. When I am not working, I am usually at home and I love to cook. Cooking is one of my favorites. I think if I am not an actor, I would be a chef.
I love to cook and I love the texture of food. I also like to read, I read a lot. I am one of those people that is constantly reading. I read novels, poetry and sometimes I write. Even though I haven’t written anything in the last three or four years.  But I write poetry, which is for me, myself and I.”

Wondering what lessons life has taught her, the seasoned movie star added, “That if you don’t take charge of your life, then you won’t have a life. You have to take charge, you get to a point where you get to as an adult, that every action you take has consequences and that if you want something, you need to plan and work towards it. So, that is the lesson that I have learnt from life. That you must work towards what you want and give it your all.
If you had to advise young people who want to go into the sector, what would you tell them?
Enjoy your youth. If you are interested or passionate about anything, then make sure you get the proper training and always put a hundred percent into whatever you are doing.
There is no need to live, if you are not going to live life to it’s fullest. So, whatever you do, always do with your heart, a hundred percent”

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