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‘I can marry a grandpa’ – Singer Annjay says in support of Regina Daniels

The trending issue of Regina Daniels and her marriage brouhaha is obviously not ending anytime soon.

While lots of her colleagues are airing reasons they are in support or against her decisions to marry much older lover,  singer, Annjay Chioma has stated on which side she’s on.

Adding that she doesn’t mind marrying a grandfather, as long as she’s happy and contented in the relationship.

This is what she shared on her Instagram page: “For the past few days now internet has been on fire over this Regina Daniels marriage brouhaha. My 5 cent, Regina Daniels is living her life. So, all the Amembo people what is your own business? Some of you that can continue to insult her on social media, you guys will still go pass back go collect una own from different sugar daddies. Me if I like make I marry a grandpapa, it’s not anyone’s business as long as I no come beg you for food. And for the people wey dey go Dubai go chop Arabia shits and still come back judging people actions una well done oo. Kontinu!”
But what could make a young girl settle for a man old enough to be her grandfather?”

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