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“I am so sorry” – Man who accused E Money of sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife apologizes

In a recent development, Facebook blogger who alleged that E-Money was sleeping in with the late Junior Pope’s wife has issued a sincere apology to E-Money for his remarks.

In a recent video shared on social media, he is seen stating how sorry he is for tarnishing E-Money’s image while also stating that he had only made that video to gain more followers on Facebook.

“E Money I Am so Sorry for Tarnishing Your Image, I only made the video that E-Money was sleeping with Junior Pope Wife’s just to gain more followers on Facebook”

Let’s recall that a week ago, E-Money had issued a statement where he expressed that he was currently on the hunt for the people peddling the rumors and allegations that he was sleeping with Junior Pope’s wife

. E-Money’s fans were also supportive of his decision. Most of them even went as far as egging him in the comment section. They also expressed that he should use this Facebook blogger to set an example for others.

Also,recall that four days ago, Kemi Filani had reported that a Facebook troll had been arrested.

Now, a few months back, Mercy Chinwo and Official Blessed had been in a controversy after some Facebook users took to their platforms to reveal that the child which they shared together belonged to Nathaniel Bassey.

Some even went as far as stating that Mercy had cheated on her husband, Official Blessed, with gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey.

The duo, who did not take this lightly, immediately sued the Facebook persons responsible. Also, gospel singer Nathaniel Bassey also filed a lawsuit against the Facebook user for the defamatory remark.

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