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I am cashing out steady – Actress Eniola Badmus responds to a follower who asked if she is depressed


Actress Eniola Badmus has taken to social media to reveal she is not in any way depressed after a follower known as 6ixtinegram threw a question at her asking if she was depressed.

This saying goes thus, ‘If you play with fire, you get burnt ‘. The chubby actress had something coming up when she composed a clumsy message to her follower without punctuations stating she can never be depressed.

The actress disclosed that she is living the best of her life, meeting influential people and putting a smile on people’s faces, then how possibly can she be depressed.

Following the response, the mashed-up message was enough to depress the reader.

She wrote:

” me that am good cashing out steady living my best of the best life…. Officer no worries nd no thinking me that I have all the connects me that can never be broke again when all niggas are rich as fvck me that I eat wat i feel like me that am not owing anybody me that is no competition with anybody me that know all the top top people in my country me that am grateful to God me that i put smile on people’s faces me that I wear what I like to wear me that i don’t knock before they open doors me that i own Lagos me traht am chilling with the high and mighty me that I run @enibadessentials
@enibadproductions @dabigline
me that am happy that am a BOSS”

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