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How Tonto Dikeh and Toke Makinwa handle heartbreak from Men in similar ways

Tonto Dikeh and Toke Makinwa

Tonto Dikeh isn’t a disgrace to womanhood. I disagree.

Every relationship has its peculiarities. Every individual has her/his peculiarities too.

Our ability to take in heartbreaks, disappointments and marital distresses differs too.

Some women can accept whatever went wrong in their marriages, divorce and move on

Some don’t.

Tonto Dikeh has chosen what suits her. She was the one living with Olakunle Churchill. We weren’t there. We read what the two parties said, even if they told lies, we can’t verify.

If you are condemning Tonto, what will you say of Toke Makinwa?
Please go and read her book “On Becoming” and you would applaud Tonto.

Toke Makinwa takes us to her bedroom, makes us watch how she makes love to a man who wouldn’t cum inside of her! A man who never wanted her to have a child but impregnated another woman instead and she got to know on social media!

She makes us see what it means to be a slay queen but a slave in Maje Ayida’s territory.

She paints Maje to be a horrible man who never wanted her and who would always run after other women who satisfied him outside their matrimonial bed.

Maybe because Toke didn’t make a video like Tonto, we are seeing “On Becoming ‘ as a normal book.

Hmm.Toke unveils much in that book that Maje ran to court to ban it from being circulated.

Please leave Tonto alone. Let her “diffuse” whatever is built up on her inside
Churchill isn’t a saint either.

If you pass through a bad marriage once, you would know what it means to unleash.

Toke is still making money from her book. Let Tonto make money from her videos.

Written by Kemi Ashefon

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