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‘How to you can easily win my love’ – Chioma Ifemeludike

Nollywood actress, Chioma Grace Ifemeludike has revealed how one can easily get to her soft spot.

Speaking on the misconceptions some members of the public have about her and how she has been trying to correct it, the quite outspoken actress said, “I’m opinionated, if an opinion doesn’t go down with me, I don’t just say yes, I will argue with you and I will have you hear my opinion. People misunderstand that part of me. I like to be in my own space,I’m a loyalist. I’m a dog, when I say a dog, it’s because it is the most loyal animal in earth. I’ll never betray you, that’s the kind of soul I have. Before you get my love and support first resonate with who I am, the things I believe, you must be truthful, reliable, and a person of character. I don’t care about your money, class or affluence all those things don’t mean anything to me.”

Miss Ifemeludike who says she’s presently in a serious relationship also recounted reasons she would have left Nollywood for other promising career.

She said, “When you are doing a job and you see the earnings but it’s not matching with your expenditures, it makes you feel worn out. I see lots of girls buying big cars, I don’t know how they are able to buy them. I haven’t been able to buy myself any of such cars. One day, I would ask somebody because the cars I see online are intimidating; Range Rover, Benz and the likes. Some time, I sit and ask if it’s my village people that are holding me back.”

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