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How Lagos man located home address of Policeman who extorted him using an App

A Lagos man who was extorted alongside his friends, by a Policeman has been able to locate his home address owing to the help of Google Map.

According to the man identified simply with the twitter handle, @Iam_liltorn , 3 policemen arrested he and his friends, made away with their phones and at the same time extorted them of the sum of N3000 however, it appears the end is near fr them as unfortunately for one of them, he was able to track the location of one of the phones, which directed to a certain street in Ikeja.

Read his tweet:

Day I broke my ankle after being unlawfully arrested by some 3 policemen not wearing uniform but they have their IDcards(deyshowedme) I managed to escape but they have 2 of my friend’s phone with them. I managed to use Google to find the phone location.

We were arrested just after Berger round about yesterday 3 police men

They demanded for 300k we had just 3k left with us. I was going to perform for a show(which I am not even being paid for) I explained to them that I am an artiste and allowed them search me. They found nothing but still insisted we followed them to the station

I tried talking them into collecting 2k at least mehn I can’t lose on both ends come all d way from tollgate abulegba for a free show and still end up paying Men in Black money for what exactly?

Told my friends we have to run before this idiot take us to their station then start another case on our head or find some case to rope us with cuz Berger police are found if that.. That’s the home address of one of them holding one of my friends phone.

I don’t know how they can be found but an sure someone would know this street or something even if the @PoliceNG are not ready to look into this issue. By the way I thought they told them to stop harrasing innocent citizens already

Apparently one of them loves in Rasheed Baruwa St, Isheri ikeja. Lagos state Nigeria


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