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How Keri Hilson replied a troll who said her career is washed up

US singer, Keri Hilson has reacted in a mature way after a trolled who stated that her career is washed up.

A post she shared on Instagram saw her get a comment from the troll saying, “Your career over with you ain’t have a hit in 9 years you washed up” .

Keri Hilson who unlike many would have clapped back decided to play the matured one

She wrote: “Chiiile, I KNOW!” she responded. “You’re probably trying to hurt my feelings w/ that but I’ve long accepted I’m in that category…for now.”

Hilson, who is readying a new album for release this year, added: “But lemme correct you here: I haven’t ‘had a hit’ because I haven’t put out ANYTHING, not because I put out flops. And my career is far from over. I do hope you stayed tuned this year.”

Keri Hilson
Keri Hilson
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