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How I set trends and cash out world wide – Toyin Lawani speaks on the lasting statements she made at AMVCA 2022

Toyin Lawani speaks on the lasting statement

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has bragged about the lasting statements she made at the just concluded AMVCA award which took place at the prestigious Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.

Toyin Lawani was the brain behind BBNaija’s Ifu Ennada controversial skull-themed gown that caused an uproar after she claimed it is worth N5million.

KemiFilani News recalls that Big brother Naija Ex Housemate Iheme Faith Uloma better known as Ifu Ennada who was styled by Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire, revealed that her black skull filled dress is worth $ 1000 (almost 5m).

The dress stirred several reactions on online as some say she is really break the internet. 

“My entire look is worth over 100k USD… Yes you read that right! So if you don’t have a minimum of 10k USD in a domiciliary acct, you have no right to speak on my Look. Basically, stay away from criticising my outfit if you’re a broke a$s,” she had written.

After much condemnations from fans, Ifuennada made a change of mind and said her entire look is worth over 100k USD not that she paid over 100k USD for it.

Addressing the controversial Toyin Lawani said that in creating Ifu Ennada’s dress she used mask not skulls as widely speculated. She said she cloned 100 masks from the scratch.And that it is wrong to bash the reality star for her statement about the worth of the dress because she never said she bought it at that price, rather she said it’s worth it.

The talented celebrity designer went on to brag about how she cashes out and how she made a long lasting statements worldwide after AMVCAs.She said what she did for all the outfits she designed were works of ‘Art & Avante_garde’ which is priceless and a lot of time, efforts and sleepless nights went into it.

Speaking further, Lawani stated that AMVCA 2022 is all about Arts and all her designs for the event were unique. She then declare that she designs for the world ,and there’s a huge market for what she does worldwide and that is how she made a last longing statements at AMVCA 2022.

She wrote:

Let me share D BTS OF creating @ifuennada s Dress social interaction Dress ,A lot of people actually think this were skolls,but they are face masks & they were not bought ,we created each one from scratch ,jst gv @femiadeniranar a sample of hubbys mask& we cloned it ,100 mask & A lot of hands to put this master piece together,I have been seeing how they have been bashing @ifuennada for her statement about the worth of the dress ,She never said she bought it that price , she said it’s worth it,Now why do Nigerians downplay their own designers like this ?But they demand respect for us internationally at any chance ,How will they value us?if you don’t value ourselves ?Do you know at the metgala the celebrities auctions their dresses for millions of dollars towards charity yearly ?If an hollywood celeb had worn this piece , do you really feel it won’t even fetch more than the 100k dollars you are all screaming about ?This are looks you see in museums abroad ,You are the ones doing your own people , you don’t rate them atall ,What I do is a work of Art & Avante_garde ⚔️You can’t put a price on it ,It’s worth more than that ,A lot of time, efforts &sleepless nights went into this ,#Amvca2022 is all about Arts ,You don’t expect all of us to like & design the same things ,There are loads of young creatives out there that aspire to create magnificent pieces like this,but you people will continuously make the feel there’s no market for it , I don’t design for the society , I design for the world ,There’s a huge market for what I do, worldwide or why do you think I’m cashing out ?I always standout,cause I’m different,The aim is to always make a last longing statements & that we did at #amvca2020 & #amvca2022 again,All the most talked about pieces trending are made by the KOF ,It’s up 2u to judge them the way u want , it doesn’t affect my craft ,I set a trend& it takes you 2 to 5years to catch up & when you even do ,U don’t give credit ,Go & watch King of Boys2 I styled& come back&tell me about Arts,We are celebrating the most Trending outfits @tiannahstylingfashionacademy#Amvca2022 @tiannahstylingfashionacademy tmrw💃join us 💃#KOF

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