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How hunger affected the acting career of Majid Michel and Van Vicker

Ghanaian actor, Sean Paul has stated that hunger has forced Majid Michel and Van Vicker into doing what they normally would not be caught doing.

In an interview with Ghpage, Sean Paul stated that Majid Michel became a pastor only because he was becoming hungry and the industry was not able to meet his needs.

Sean Paul, who made series of claims about his colleagues in the industry, revealed that had it been the Ghanaian movie industry is still booming, Majid Michel won’t have found the calling to be a pastor.

Speaking further, Sean Paul revealed that the Ghanaian movie industry is currently down simply because the major stakeholders lacked foresight.

Lashing out at Van Vicker, Sean Paul stated that hunger has forced the actor into acting local movies which he once condemned.

” You see Van Vicker now acts with Lilwin and his likes? First he usually addressed them as local and didn’t want to associate himself with them but when he became broke and hungry he began acting local movies”.

Majid Michel - Van Vicker
Majid Michel – Van Vicker
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1 Comment

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