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How God gave me a baby after many trials-Love Oyedepo

gave me a baby

Love Jesutomi Oyedepo who is the first daughter and third child of the founder of the Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo has recounted how God gave her a baby despite facing many trials

The beautiful dark skinned young lady who is married to a pastor in her father’s church, Stephen Ogah, shared her testimony via her YouTube channel- The Bloom woman with Love. 

“We serve a faithful God. On March 23rd, 2013, I got married. I remember that day as such an exciting, positive and memorable day for me and my husband. For me, I didn’t just get married to my husband; I’m married to my friend; someone who I can trust and confide in. It was so exciting for us to start this journey together.

“We were excited to begin this journey; to walk together through the purpose that God has for our lives. March 23rd 2013 will forever remain an exciting day for us. We got married in Nigeria and prayers were said for us that in nine months time; our baby would be dedicated.

“Silently, my husband and I decided to enjoy ourselves and get to know each other before bringing children into the picture. It wasn’t something that we were really concerned about. Towards the end of the year 2013; we got pregnant, our families were aware that we were pregnant.

“Shortly after this, I started to bleed that was where the journey began. We went to hospital to find out why it turned out that way, different types of tests were carried out. They said that getting pregnant was not the issue for us, but being able to carry the pregnancy till full term because of certain medical conditions. It was like a blow in the beginning. We went to other doctors and the same prognosis was given. At that point, we knew it was a fight we had to do spiritually. God can do exceedingly above all that we can imagine. 

“I am not against medical intervention. We decided to dive into the word of God because we needed to build our faith. Faith is not a gift, it comes by studying. We knew that we had to conciously build our faith. My husband was very relaxed because of his faith in God. The space of time helped me build my relationship with God. He always says to me that he is the alpha and omega . 

“God conquered the fear in me. God told me all things work together for our good. My advise to people going through this situation is that they should spend time with God throughout this season. All through 2014, we didn’t get pregnant after the one we lost in 2013.

“In December 2014 Shiloh, my husband and I avoided every form of distraction. We gave our sacrifice at the altar and vowed to share this testimony to people. We attended fertility classes and we were blessed by the testimonies. We feasted on the word of God. In 2015, we fasted and during the 21 day fast, I found out that I was pregnant. 

“The doctors were still saying I may not be able to carry the baby till full-term but my faith was already built. God saw us through the pregnancy till it was time to give birth. Despite the negative reports from the doctors, I wasn’t moved. 

“On the delivery day, the doctor advised that we schedule a C-section. It wasn’t part of the plan, but the miracle is having a child. Every mother needs to celebrate themselves regardless of the way they have their babies. God knows the end from the beginning. We have to trust God that whatever he wants for us is the best.”

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