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How Ghanaian OAP, Afia Shwarzenneger was caught with stolen phone in her private part

Controversial Ghanaian OAP, Afia Shwarzenneger has been exposed by Nana Tornado as someone who doesn’t clean her butt after visiting the toilet.

Nana Tornado made this known after the relationship betweem him and Afia Shwarzenneger became soar.

Speaking during an interview with Zionflex, he revealed more damning details about the OAP, stating that she once inserted a stolen phone in her private part.

“Zion, I don’t even want to talk about someone who stole a phone and put in her private part only for the ringing tone to expose her . I don’t want to talk about someone who doesn’t clean her buttocks after easing herself”.

When asked if he’s not just saying all of these because of their soar relationship, Nana Tornado added:

“Everything i say about Afia is 100% true. Why would i tell lies on her, Afia Schwarzenegger is someone i’ve bathed together with lots of times and have eaten together in the same bowl with several times, I know her secrets in-and-out”

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