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How Funke Akindele’s family allegedly participated in her marital failure

Funke Akindele and JJC Skillz

There has been several sides of stories popping up since JJC Skillz announced the dissolution of his 6years old marriage to Funke Akindele.

A source, Tosin Silverdam, stated that apart from the alleged infidelity, mismanagement of funds, blow job, bi sexual accusations, Funke Akindele’s family loathed her husband.

According to Tosin, her family didn’t respect JJC Skillz.

This was the same for JJC Skillz family as they also didn’t love Funke. They preferred his white babymamas.

Tosin further spilled on how Funke Akindele was controlling as she didn’t want her husband to work for anyone except her.

“The marriage has ended, Funke is done. They are both at fault Sha. Funke was too controlling, Funke is a no nonsense, she doesn’t want her husband to work for anyone except her. There are accusations of cheating, mismanagement of funds, blowjob from a masseur, bisexual accusations too. Funke’s family loathe her husband, they don’t respect him at all. Like JJC Family don’t like Funke too. His family loves the white babymama. All the best jare. Allegedly ooooooo”.

Kemi Filani news recalls more details had unfolded on the supposed cause of break-up between beloved Funke Akindele and her movie producer husband, JJC Skillz.

Following the heartbreaking news, blogger, Cutie Julls had given a comprehensive detail of what went wrong in the union.

Cutie Julls revealed that Funke Akindele couldn’t forgive JJC Skillz after she caught him having a blow job.

Recall that JJC Skillz’s son, Benito and his mum, Mella had also corroborated the infidelity accusations.

Cutie Julls alleged that infidelity and money marred the second marriage of the actress.

The blogger also revealed that Funke Akindele isn’t ready to give JJC Skillz anything.

“Hey Omo, so Funke couldn’t forgive this small head that she caught JJC enjoying? And the money issue which we’ve already given details so don’t want to bore you with it.

Hmmm see wetin ordinary blow job have caused. What Oluwa has out together, let no konji put asunder. But the thing is the legal battle is going to be long. Funke doesn’t want to give Skillz anything but the truth is, Skillz built more than 70% of Funke’s wealth together with him. She should have put him on a payroll cuz that would have helped but let’s wait and see cuz this one ehnn. London street boy vs Lagos street girl…clash of the Titans”.

Funke Akindele's family involvement in failed marriage
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