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How Bobrisky was deported from Dubai after police caught him dressing like a woman

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Popular Kayanmata vendor Omoshola has dragged Nigerian crossdresser Idris Okunneye, otherwise known as Bobrisky, by his balls as she reveals how he was deported from Dubai because of his gender.

Omoshola said Bobrisky has been making several accusations against her and should be ready to defend himself in court or rot in jail.

The Kayanmata vendor, in a lengthy post shared on Instagram, revealed that she had told Bobrisky about her pregnancy, and he advised her not to keep it but would take her to the place they would abort it within two minutes.

Speaking further, Omoshola said she flew Bobrisky in a first-class aeroplane and gave him VVIP treatment but was deported in Dhabi because he was dressed like a woman in contrast to what the immigration officer saw in his document.

She added that Bobrisky was sent back to Nigerian but could not leave him alone to come back, hence single-handedly brought him back.

She wrote: I have been on my own with different news and useless accusations flying around. After several post and trolls on blogs I still kept my cool.

But IDRIS a.k.a BOBRISKY!!!! You outdid yourself this time, if only the accusations were true!!! you had better get ready to defend yourself, rot in jail or stay in hiding because Nigeria no go contain both of us. Rant all you want on Instagram “as expected” I’ll deal with you just how you should be dealt with.

My husband was deported na him he sleep for our bedroom yesterday ? I told you I was pregnant, you told me not to keep it that it will slow me down, you asked me to come to Lagos and you will take me to mainland where they will abort my baby in 2 minutes same place you usually take your bestie to, I answer you ??

I flew you to Dubai in a first class and gave you a VVIP treatment, even after you got deported in Dhabi because you were dressed like a woman and a mans picture and information is what immigration saw,you were sent back and I single handedly brought you back.

Bobrisky deported
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