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How Anikulapo, Ijakumo transformed my life – Kunle Remi

Celebrities celebrate Kunle Remi's birthday

Star actor, Kunle Remi is currently rated one of the top 3 best actors in the movie industry after his two latest movies “Ijakumo” by Toyin Abraham and “Anikulapo” by filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan.

Many fans can’t help but go crazy for his role in Kunle Afolayan’s “Anikulapo”, which he nailed completely. He played the leading role “Saro” alongside the multi-talented actress, Bimbo Ademoye, who played the role of his wife Olori Arolake.

This very talented actor revealed that the biggest challenge he had while playing Saro was that he had to speak Yoruba all through.

According to him, it was an excellent experience.

“I had to speak Yoruba all through not just any type of Yoruba but the proper native one, which is the Oyo empire’s Yoruba. However, first thing first is that every character is challenging because it’s not me.

I am not playing myself, so I see every character as a challenge, it is just that the grade is different.

I think this role came at the right time and I absolutely gave everything to it…”

I am an actor, so I would do whatever it takes for me to become whoever I need to become because I am an actor and a very good one at that”.

He actually gave his very best and every scene he acted in was perfect. Many fans also commended the strong connection he had with Bimbo Ademoye, which made everything very real and perfect.

Just a few days ago, “Anikulapo” was declared the Year 2022’s most-watched movie on Netflix, and definitely one of the best movies of 2022.

Just when many were still talking about his role in “Anikulapo”, Toyin Abraham premiered, her latest movie “Ijakumo” on cinemas, with Kunle Remi as one of the leads as well where he played a Pastor.

According to him “growing up, I think I had wanted to be a Pastor, I admired Pastors, I think I have the calling, I have always been meaning to act the character.

“My role as a Pastor in Ijakumo is like a journey, like Saro in Anikulapo, I really enjoyed making Ijakumo with Toyin Abraham.”

He also nailed the role, and fans have been commending him for his talents and creativity in taking up and interpreting unusual roles perfectly. He was taken out of his comfort zone (interpreting the role of a playboy or lover boy) in movies, to a more challenging role up to the extent, that he had to speak typical Yoruba the dialect in Ibadan language fluently, and he was still able to do it perfectly.

This made his rating soar and he gained more prominence globally, with lots of A-list producers already waiting in line to feature him in movies.

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