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How a woman manipulated her children to kill their dad

Popular Nigerian music video director/filmmaker and television director, Kemi Adetiba has shared a bizzare story of how a woman manipulated her children to kill their dad.

According to a series of post on her social media page, Kemi narrated that a certain woman grew tired of her marriage and instead of contemplating a divorce, she opted to kill her husband and father of her kids.

Unfortunately, she got her kids who were twelve years old and below at that time roped in for the murder, as prior to the murder action, she asked the kids to dig a hole at the back of the house to plant a tree

The innocent kids did as they were told, ignorant of the repercussion of their action.

Upon being asked the whereabouts of their father, their mother gave the excuse of him abandoning them and eloping with a strange woman

These kids basically lived with the little secret for twenty eight years, now they are forty, married with kids and one of the daughters leaked out the secret out of the guilt she has lived with for the better part of her life.

As expected, this leak erupted police investigations, it was then revealed that when the house with the father buried at the back( crime scene) was to be sold to the youngest child, they were forced to come together and exhume the decayed corpse owing to the fact that the current owner of the house refused to live in it

Sadly, though the video director was sure not to mention any names or release personal details of the involved persons into her narration, she noted that it is a true story

See her post here;

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