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How a personal issue affected me, broke me on my day of victory – Funke Akindele opens up

How a personal issue affected Funke Akindele

Actress, movie producer and mum of twins, Funke Akindele has recounted the major challenge she encountered while on the set of Battle of Buka street.

Opening up in a video recording, the politician spilled that it was the last day of filming and was supposed to be a day of victory because the movie shoot was finally coming to end but it turned out to be the saddest day of her life.

According to Funke Akindele, a personal issue affected her, broke her, and made her very sad but she summoned up the courage to continue shooting.

“The major challenge while shooting Battle on Buka street was the famous market scene, a scene I filmed when I was very sad. It was one of my saddest days on earth, something very personal happened, I broke down heavily and I couldn’t film and I told myself Funke, challenges will come but don’t let them deter you, so I braced up, summoned up courage and filmed the scene, I had started well and needed to end it well too and it was the last day on set, whatever you do, challenges will come, always pray for strength to keep it on cos it won’t always be easy”

Admonishing her fans further, Funke Akindele wrote “No matter how much one gets beaten down in life, one must always stay strong because like the quote above says, we become the most vulnerable when we cower in fear. When we give in to our sadness, it means we have allowed our weakness to overtake us and nothing can be achieved in life with this type of attitude.

-Never be afraid to make mistakes.
-Never stay down when you fall; make sure you rise and keep moving.
-Never be intimidated!
-Always believe in yourself and give no room for doubt.

Resilience, determination, consistency, and dedication are the keys to succeeding in whatever endeavor you find yourself.”

Funke Akindele tours markets in Lagos, soliciting traders’ support

Kemi FIlani recalls that weeks ago, Funke Akindele, the Lagos Deputy Governorship Candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) toured major markets on Lagos Island, soliciting votes for the party’s candidates.

Akindele, a Nollywood star and running mate of Dr Abdul-Azeez Adediran, the PDP Governorship Candidate (Jandor), in the forthcoming general elections, told traders that only PDP would alleviate their suffering and hardship in markets and in the state.

The actress, who visited Mami Market, Obada Obalende, Obalende Ijeh Market, Ajah Market and other major markets was given a rousing welcome as traders swarmed and thronged around her in admiration.

In each of the markets visited, Akindele assured the traders that the PDP government would alleviate their plights, provide enabling environment, social amenities, and soft loans for them to do their business.

According to her, the PDP government will not let them down but empower them and ensure free and compulsory education for their children with free school uniforms and at least a meal per day.

Akindele said: “The sufferings and hardship in Lagos state is too much. It is time for a real change in our condition and the change is in your hands.

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