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BBNaija Season 7: Housemates clash as Adekunle, Doyin, Chichi, and Sheggz pick fight (Video)

BBNaija season 7

The possibility of not getting into a brawl with anyone is slim especially when placed in a house with strangers for months.

Unlike other housemates from different seasons, BBN ‘Level Up’ housemates seem to be picking fights too early.

From Phyna and Amaka to Chichi and Bella and now Adekunle, Doyin, Sheggz, and Chichi, the dramas and fights are never-ending.

The ‘Islands’ housemates, as they are fondly called, had their first fight on the show.

Adekunle was narrating his group’s drama when he said, ‘there is a village girl from Benin City’.

Diana, who hails from Benin, took offence to his words and misconstrued his words.

Defending her hometown, Diana stated that Benin is not a village.

Adekunle, who realized that she had misconstrued her words, tried explaining to her what he meant. He stated that he didn’t mean to be condescending cause Alysyn is also from Benin.

Surprisingly, Chichi became infuriated with his explanation, and things escalated from there.

Adekunle tried pinpointing why Chichi wants people to understand her but didn’t do the same.

He questioned if Chichi had personal issues with him for her to take his words out of context.

Sheggz picked sides with the other party and scolded Adekunle.

Sheggz also lashed out at his love interest, Bella, for supporting Adekunle.

Before we could say Jack Robinson, the atmosphere became tense as housemates got into a heated argument where words were exchanged.

Doyin tells Sheggz to fuck off. Sheggz got annoyed and told her she violated him.

Kemi Filani news recalls a heated argument ensued in the first house, known as ‘The Tenches’.

What could have been a little misunderstanding between the ladies almost turned into a nasty fight, but for the intervention of Beauty and Bryan, the situation was calmed.

Phyna and Amaka had a nasty fight which could have turned worse if not for the intervention of other housemates.

Narrating her side of the story, Phyna said Amaka told her she wanted to get into the minds of the other housemates.

This got Phyna scared, and she made it known to Amaka that it was impossible to get into the mind of housemates.

Trying to avoid making a big deal of her words, Phyna ignored Amaka, but the latter kept hammering on her words.

Irritated by her constant talks, Phyna called Amaka ‘Manipulative’ as she thought that her thoughts seemed weird and manipulative.

Being called a ‘manipulator’ didn’t sit well with Amaka as she broke down in tears.

Amaka hit back at her with several unprintable words, and a fight almost ensued if not for the intervention of other housemates.

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