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‘House theft’: Blogger, Blessing Okoro, claims Onyeeze has been arrested


The drama continues for Instagram blogger, Blessing Okoro who had taken to Instagram weeks ago to reveal that she is a proud owner of a seven bedrooms duplex before she was arrested by the real owner of the house and made to confess.

The acclaimed owner of the house, a  China-based business man, Onyeeze had warned the blogger to desist from claiming what is not hers, but on noticing she wasn’t heeding to his warnings, Onyeeze got her harassed out of the house.

However, they are new claims by the blogger that Onyeeze has been arrested. 

According to SDK, the Police allegedly ordered his arrest after publicly humiliating the blogger for claiming ownership of his duplex in Enugu..

Sharing the direct messages sent to her by Blessings, SDK wrote: “Now you all can leave her alone and stop tagging me to her posts. She has shown appreciation albeit inbox. I don’t mind and I don’t care,i didn’t know her before this alleged house stealing brouhaha but I like her drama. I didn’t do any post to support her for the likes and her acknowledgement didn’t change my name,send me alert or made me a member of the order of the Niger. MON. ….let this rest and watch out for the story once she sends it. #swipe ❤️😘🙏😍 @officialblessingceo”

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