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‘Hope your daughter is not your next of kin’ Nigerians to Ireti Doyle after she decides on who to make as next of kin

ireti doyle

Nigerians have reacted to the veteran actress Ireti Doyle’s decision on who to make as next of kin by not considering someone whose motive is to inherit her properties but someone who can make life and death decisions in her absence.

In an earlier report, she mentioned that family members, spouses, siblings, the individual’s child or guardian should not automatically be given some particular privilege as a next of kin.

She wrote:

When filling the blank space for “NEXT OF KIN”, let yr first thought not to be “who will inherit my stuff”.

Let it be “who is the person I would want making life & death decisions on my behalf should I be unable to do so for myself”. E get why.

Some Nigerians have taken to the video-sharing app to advise the actress not to make the mistake of using her daughter, an online hair merchant, who was allegedly accused of fraud, as a next of kin. While others think using their spouses and kids is the best decision since no one can make a better decision than them.

See comments:

@olorunloba1 wrote: Rubbish! So I should put someone’s else’s names on my will other than my kids and wife? Any other person I put is just to give them something to body their body and soul ls together. 😂

@omarianah wrote: Abi you don go use your ole Oloriburuku daughter (kachi) as next of kin ….. Broad day light thief !

@kathy_4_real wrote: Absolutely true n deep

@florifiedflo wrote: Abeg nor use Kachi ooo
E get why 😢 thief

@chief_onyeka wrote: Make everybody put watin dem like for that space, I remember when one Fashion Mogul gave all his properties to his CAT 🐈

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