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“She will break it again” Reactions as Hilda Baci gets dethroned from the Guinness world records

Hilda Baci

Famous chef Hilda Baci, known for her extraordinary cooking feats, has lost her Guinness World Record for the longest time spent cooking while standing.

The announcement was made by Guinness Book of Records on their social media accounts, just 20 minutes ago. The new record holder, Alan Fisher from Ireland, completed an astonishing cooking marathon of 119 hours and 57 minutes at his restaurant in Japan.

In response to this news, there have been various reactions from Nigerians. One person, a fan of Hilda Baci, expressed confidence in her abilities, saying, “She broke it once; she’ll break it again.” Another person took a more philosophical approach, stating, “Records are meant to be broken, no problem.”

There was also a sentiment that Hilda Basset’s record should have been given more time to stand. As one individual put it, “They should’ve let her keep the record for at least a year.” However, another opinion surfaced, suggesting that once you’re a record breaker, you’ll always be remembered as one. In their words, “A record breaker will always remain a record breaker.”

Someone also revealed that Hilda Baci’s name is already etched in the Guinness World Record, which is what truly matters. “Her name is registered in the Guinness World Record, and that’s all that matters,” one person pointed out.

In this unfolding Hilda Baci’s reign may seem to have come to an end, but her legacy as a record-breaker remains a source of pride and inspiration to many especially Nigerians as a whole.

Hilda Baci is yet to react to this new development.

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