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Heroic husband jumps in front of car to save pregnant wife

Catastrophe was averted as a father of three from Fresno, Calif might just have proved himself to be a hero as he jumps in front of a car to save his pregnant wife.

The accident involved his mother,pregnant wife and kids as it came at the end of a joyous day celebrating his son’s sixth birthday at a local restaurant.

Aaron Gutierrez and his family were reportedly walking home on Jan 5 from the bus stop when an oncoming reckless truck driver ran the red light,almost crushing his wife.

Gutierrez knew he had to take the hit.According to him;

“I heard a big bang, I looked over my shoulder and I saw the truck flying towards us, I looked at my wife, and it was heading right towards her direction, I knew I was going to get hit, and I put my son as high as I could, and I got hit. Luckily enough, I played football for so many years so I was able to cuddle my son into my hands when I flew into the building. After that, I blacked out.”

There was no record of seious injuries sustained by Pregnant wife and son except being hospitalized for shock however Gutierrez’s mother is expected to be released soon but it’s uncertain she will walk or work again as she suffers broken back and brain bleed while Gutierrez suffered broken shoulder and legs and makes use of a wheel chair to go out

The truck driver was found to be at fault and might face a citation once the case is reviewed.

In addition to the accident, Gutierrez was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer and will begin chemotherapy soon. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the family to help them pay for medical expenses.

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