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Here’s how Kim Kardashian is feeling about baby No 4



Kim Kardashian is expecting baby No 4 via surrogate and she is sharing her feelings on what it feels like to be expecting another baby.

The reality TV star shared this while appearing on yesterday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon’s “On The Tonight Show,” talking about how she felt about having another baby around the house as well as her relationship with her kids.

She said, “I was kind of stressing. My house is so full [but] I heard that parents of four are the most enlightened and calm of all parents” 

She also talked about adjusting to the change.

Kim added, “I felt the huge change — from 1 to 2,” speaking of her son Saint, 3, and daughter North, 5. “That was harder than 2 to 3.”

Recall that Kim revealed that she is expecting another child via surrogate in January 2019, while she later confirmed that the baby was a boy.