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“Her tailor is not nice” – Netizens react to Juliana Olayode’s AMVCA outfit (video)

Netizens react to Juliana Olayode's outfit at the AMVCA.

Nollywood actress Juliana Olayode showed up to the AMVCA red carpet in a fiery red dress with feathers around the neck, the sleeves and the neck.

Netizens didn’t seem to fancy her dress, as they took to the comment section of a blog to drag her and her designer. There were a few positive comments, but most of them weren’t having it.

likita wrote, “Why did the designer use that red thread on the shoulder?!! First let’s start there”

zaynab.zoe wrote, “The tailor is not neat all all the mesh and the red fur in the neck nah…the kini on the chest made her look bigger”

mercy.oyekan wrote, “Has a fashion designer pls kindly learn neatness along side your work o wa important”

emi_ni_tiwa wrote, “What’s that mesh?”

anuolhuwapor wrote, “Always decently dressed, classy and elegant”

divayetty wrote, “Red must be her favorite color”

jenniferworldwide wrote, “Her tailor is not nice”

lavenderfabrics wrote, “It is well”

kanoel_fabrics wrote, “The shoulder part should have been”

milah_x0 wrote, “E choke …. literally”

bbybernny wrote, “Twinning with the carpet thought the tail was extra not knowing it’s the carpet”

tomi_b123 wrote, “The skin net abi mesh shaa”

technically_correctt wrote, “The neck”

darlingtinamakeover wrote, “Always simple.”

hadeegbemmy wrote, “I guess the mesh was not part of the dress”

mma_bekeebekee wrote, “Beautiful lady”

aaanuu_ wrote, “I’m sure thev added the mesh on her shoulder the last minute her skin is skinning”

styledbyzinah wrote, “This one na carpenter net dem use for Anty”

emjay_ice wrote, “I don’t know what yall are talking about but this dress is so damn fight”

mag.gielicous wrote, “The red feathers on the neck was just unnecessary and tacky”

crystalzfix_fashion wrote, “When you refuse to increase your dress budget”

introvert_moe wrote, “I don read comment taya, Emabinu emi ni tailor e correct mi if am wrong”

a_bolakale wrote, “And she paid her fashion designer?”

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