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Heavily pregnant single mother, Uche Ogbodo advises single women not to abort

Uche Ogbodo pregnant again

Nigerian actress and heavily pregnant single mother, Uche Ogbodo, has advised Nigerian women above 30 not to abort their pregnancies.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, the actress spoke about her first pregnancy at 27 and her current one now that she’s 34.

According to her, she doesn’t regret having her first child, who is now 6, or this one she’s pregnant with.

She added that abortion is against her beliefs as a Catholic, then said it’s silly for a woman above 30 to have an abortion because she’s waiting for marriage.

She advised women to have their kids, rather than wait till they are no longer fertile because they want to get married first.

She went on to reveal that marriage doesn’t favour everyone and gave an example with an old acquaintance who no longer looks beautiful since she got married.

Watch the video below:

Shortly after her video went viral, Nigerian celebrities and others took to social media to react. See some below:

Actress Victoria Inyama wrote, “Marriage is a beautiful invention but the people in the marriage. Like you said, If you’re Lucky!!! A woman has biological clock. Child over waiting for husband. Some get h”

One Sophia wrote, “My dear, if you have GOD in your marriage, you will look beautiful than the single lady, even the Bible says 2 heads is better than one, both of you need each other’s company and help. Marriage is a gift from GOD, it enhances the growth of the children”

Akinsayomi wrote, “That your marriage failed doesn’t mean everyone else’s will too. I hate how Nigerian divorcees try to make those who hadn’t attempted it feel like it’s the worse thing ever. If you’d never even tried it and opted for single parenthood it’s a different ball game entirely. Allow people live their lives as they deem fit!”

Miss Onyi wrote, “If you are a lady here and you are above 35 and independent, no marriage yet. Pls go and have a baby who can look after you when you are older cos if you don’t, don’t expect other people’s children to care for you or give you money if the independence becomes dependent at old age. It’s at this stage they start being envy and jujulicious in the heart.”

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