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“He wakes us up in the morning by clapping” Late Pastor Dare Adeboye’s 3 kids speak about their Dad

Pastor Oluwadamilare Temitayo Adeboye, one of the sons of Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God who recently passed on 4th May, 2021, left behind a beautiful wife and 3 daughters.

PD was an obedient son, loyal brother, loving husband, doting father and faithful shepherd. He lived entirely for the Lord and His work, dedicating his life to educating and inspiring young people on how to capitalise on and maximise their faith in any environment they find themselves. He will be fondly remembered for his impactful and transformational messages, and his scriptural punch lines, especially the popular “Who did it? ….. Jesus …. Oh MyGod!”.

Pastor Dee after hosting an awesome provincial convention themed, “The Sceptre of Favour,” went to be with the Lord on the 4th of May 2021 at the age of 42. Although brief here on earth, he lived a faithful and fruitful life. He is survived by his parents Pastor & Pastor (Mrs) Adeboye; siblings, Adeolu and Temitope; Adebolugbe and Akin, and Oluwagbemileke and Titilope; wife, Temiloluwa; children, Oluwatishe, Ireoluwa and Araoluwa; and numerous loved ones.

While in the United Kingdom, he met his heartthrob and jewel of inestimable value, Temiloluwa, who was one of his parishioners at that time and the lovebirds got married in Nigeria on December 28, 2008. She was his sister, lover, encourager and partner in family and ministry. They have three wonderful daughters, Oluwatishe, Ireoluwa and Araoluwa.

In her tribute to her late husband, Temiloluwa wrote “…….I do not mourn but I celebrate you because you are Heaven’s gain. In your last messages, you told us if you leave this world now, you are fulfilled and know you have done what the Lord sent you to do. Well done God’s General. I salute you!

You told the children, “Go with Mummy, she will take care of you better than I can”; and called me and said “Baby, please give them whatever they want”. We kissed and said our byes. You said you wanted to rest and asked not to be disturbed, because you knew Jesus wanted you by His side.

Who am I to question God? You’ve always said when I don’t have answers, I should ask the Holy Spirit for Clarifications. I did! He assured me you’re with the Lord. I saw you lifted into glory.

The girls and I miss you so much already, but Heaven needs you more.

My number I customer. You would buy things you don’t need. You would ask, Baby, when is the new stock arriving? Don’t sell to anyone, I’m buying all. I would ask what you need so many biscuits and teas for. Your response, “I just want you to write “SOLD OUT” on every item on your Instagram page.”

You were a man with an excellent spirit. Your attention to detail was top-notch. You aimed for excellence in everything you did and taught us to follow suit. Even your dressing was with swag and you made sure the girls and I always looked good too.

You would ask a million times if the children and I were okay and would ask until you were absolutely sure we were fine. Every answer whether yes or no, must be accompanied by a detailed explanation. It was always such a joy to see you play computer games with the girls. You danced with us unashamed and would sing lullabies to them. You had a distinct way of waking us up in the morning by clapping your hands. I will continue this from now.

You greeted everyone with a big hug and asmile.

I know you’re watching over us and now your Heavenly CCTV has even more coverage (LOL!).

You always wanted us to celebrate every milestone of the girls in a grand way, be it preschool graduations, birthdays, etc. We were already planning Ara’s graduation in July and all the girls’ birthdays in December. We still spoke about these events last week. Nothing is going to change, Darling. We will continue to celebrate their wins knowing you will also be there in spirit. Thank you for the day we met seventeen years ago, and for 12 years of marriage. Thank you for the three wonderful girls we have (your Angels, as you fondIy called them). Thank you for you r family who are now mine, without you, I wouldn’t have known them. Thank you for all the wonderful moments we created and shared together. Thank you for all the joys and laughters. Thank you for your service to the Kingdom of God. Thank you for allowing God to use you


You are sorely missed my darling.

I love you, Baby. Sleep on till we meet on the resurrection morning!

Your wife,

– Temiloluwa

What Pastor DARE’s Kids Said About Him

A Letter To My Loving Dad

My Dad was kind, loving, handsome, caring.  He was always there for my Mum, my sisters and I. He was always standing up for my Mum, my sisters and I. he loved us and he still loves us, he misses us and we miss him.

He was generous and he is still generous. He was a father of many nations. He was a pastor, and he is still a pastor.

We were a family, and we are still a clean, holy family. He is in everyone’s heart. Everyone loved him and still loves him.

Everyone knows he is watching over us and smiling down on us happily. I love you Daddy and I miss you very much.

I promise you I will be agood girl for Mummy and stand strong for her. I will always take care of my sisters and Mummy.

From: Oluwatishe Adeboye

For Dad in Heaven,

Hi Dad I miss your love, kindness and happiness and I will always love you and stay happy because of you.

I love your food and your smile. I love and miss you Dad

From Ire Adeboye

I love my Daddy,

My Daddy is Pastor Dare. I like my Daddy for buying me a new Ipad and my LOL toys. I miss Daddy very much. He calls me Angel and ‘Opescosco”. I love my Daddy and my Daddy loves me.

From: Araoluwa Adeboye

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