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“He is a weakling” Pere gets emotional over Doyin’s startling statements



The Big Brother house has seen its fair share of drama and emotions. The latest revelation from housemate Doyin as spilled by Big Brother’s parrot had been another addition.

This revelation was especially hard Pere, who was left visibly emotional by the end of the night.

In an ongoing twist in the Big Brother house, a parrot-shaped prop, known for its ability to eavesdrop and spill secrets, unveiled a private conversation that took place among housemates.

Doyin, in a chat with fellow contestants Alex, Cee C, and Mercy, had spoken on the complicated love triangle involving Cross, Kim Oprah, and Pere. However, it was Doyin’s comments about Pere that had everyone talking.

Doyin, did not mince words when she shared her thoughts about Pere. During the conversation, she openly discussed what she perceived as feminine traits in Pere’s behavior. In a candid moment, she went a step further, boldly labeling him a “weakling.”

The revelation sent puzzled glances through the house, with many contestants caught off guard by Doyin’s assessment of Pere.

While the Big Brother house is no stranger to drama and conflicts, this incident struck a chord with Pere, who got teary after hearing the revelation.

“I love them dark and tall” Phyna confesses love for Pere as she shoots her shot

Winner of Big Brother Naija Level Up season 7, Ijeoma Otabor, popularly known as Phyna had confesses her love for former BBNaija season 6 finalist, Pere Egbi, who is now a housemate in the BBNaija All Stars season.

Joining the campaign trends for the housemates up for possible eviction, Phyna urged her fans to vote for Pere.

The controversial reality star confessed that she can’t take her eyes off Pere because she love men dark and tall.

Netizens react to an old video of Pere before he had his teeth fixed

Just recently, a video from Pere’s past has resurfaced, showcasing his transformation from having a noticeable gap between his front teeth to confidently flaunting a flawless smile.

The Big Brother Naija star, has previously spoken about his insecurities regarding his teeth.

The viral video, which has taken the internet by storm, captures Pere passionately singing, with his front gap teeth noticeably visible. A lot of Netizens are surprised and have reacted to the video since they’re not used to seeing him without a perfect dentition.